"Enrich the way,We discover."

Circuit Fixer

"Time to prove your circuilligence..."

Box Cricket

"Got game, show it."

Digital Treasure Hunt

“Let the game be ventured, where clear vision holds the keys”

IPL Auction

"Game banayega name."

LAN Gaming

"Gamers don't die,they respawn."

Civil Hunt

"Run To Chase The Crazeee"


Let your mind write the paper not your head."


"Let the thunder thrive beyond the threshold."

Startup Conclave

"Be Your Own Boss"

Technical Quiz

"Unlocking knowledge at the speed of thoughts."

Web / App Design

"Where creativity meets technology.

Photography & Film Making

"Adjust the focus of your lens and make your aim clear."

Screen the Structure

"Bridge it up on screen."

Design Master

"Be the designer of your career."

Charcoal - Rapid Sketching

"A stroke of creativity."

Campus Mania

"A glimpse into campus drive."

Moksha Patam

"The game of snakes"